Andrew Corke is a new age artist; employing a variety of painting techniques combined with a arsenal of technological skills.  "My artistic goal in life is to continuously learn more through my studies and to further advance my image in the art world".  Andrew, now age 22 is about to complete his education at Florida Gulf Coast University with a B.A in Art and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. Andrew had his heart set on being an artist from about middle school. In High School he took most art related subjects including AutoCAD, photography, web design, portfolio, pottery, drawing and painting. Having grown up on Sanibel Andrew was introduced to artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Darryl Pottorf and Myra Roberts. These local artists are all ones that he admires and has been greatly influenced by. During his junior year in high school Andrew got the opportunity to be hired as a studio assistant for Darryl Pottorf. As his studio assistant he taught himself to use a Macintosh computer. From there he has learned to use all the adobe programs, Photoshop, illustrator, INdesign... and more. Using the skills that he was taught in his high school web design class he created Darryl’s website. Working with Darryl has allowed him to learn the transfer process that both Darryl and Robert Rauschenberg came up with together. Andrew has been experimenting with these techniques and processes over the last few years to create my own unique image in the art world.


Wiz Khalifa
Darryl Pottorf
Myra Roberts
Gwenn Seemel
Leonid Afremov